Dura Hex LLC, dba Dura Panel Fabrication, was founded in December 2020 in Nevada, and registered subsequently as a foreign company doing business in California. Co-Founder Tary Farnoltz brought the technology and equipment from his endeavors over two decades ago, whereby he established a manufacturing plant in Sacramento to structural insulated foam panels (SIPs) to produce floor, wall and roof panels. The panels are made with polyurethane for maximum energy efficient and clad with fiber cement for a very high fire rating. As opposed to SIPs made with EPS and OSB (Oriented Strand Board), they are impervious to mildew, mold and termites. Tary’s motivation to re-enter this business stemmed from his desire to help build high quality affordable housing primary for the homeless. He teamed up with Co-Founder Roger Morgan of Steelheart International who had similar interests. A manufacturing plant was leased in Olivehurst (Yuba County) and after 4 ½ months or renovation and refurbishing equipment, the plant is ready to start producing products in April 2021. The initial focus is on small units to serve the homeless market, but the company intends to build larger units as well to help fulfill the insatiable need for affordable housing. The beauty of building panels in the plant is they can be erected much faster on the jobsite with less scraps and security problems associated with stick-built construction.

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